REM User Exchange 2018

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REM User Exchange 2018

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REM User Exchange 2018

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REM User Exchange 2018

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REM User Exchange 2018

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General Sessions


Emerson, Expanding Capabilities With Transformational Approaches to Valve Projects and Services

John Wilson – Emerson

DeltaV v.14.3 – Solutions Roadmap

Keith Bellville – Emerson

Achieving Top Quartile Performance with Operational Certainty: Harnessing the IIoT for Digital Transformation

Melissa King Ruths – Emerson

Automation Solutions


Let Your Device Do The Talking – Smart Commissioning & Alerts in DeltaV

Al Lee – Emerson

Take automation off the critical path with Smart Commissioning positively impacting the overall project execution.

Smart Commissioning helps automation projects meet strict and shifting deadlines by reducing trips to the field, eliminating tasks, and accommodating late project changes. Developments in the DeltaV distributed control system (DCS) using Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs technology and AMS Device Manager Asset Management Software make the shift possible. Smart Commissioning provides the way to bring software and hardware together.

Smart Commissioning is a technology-enabled process that drastically reduces commissioning time and effort, decoupling the physical I/O design from the functional design — effectively streamlining the commissioning of field instrumentation. The advancements based on this decoupling are far reaching and improve the full commissioning process from system design, to device binding and configuration, to testing and documentation.

You Need a Safety Instrumented System – Now What?

Jim Garrison – aeSolutions

This session discusses key design considerations when the need for a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is identified. Typically, this need is driven by a recent hazard study, new or revised corporate guidelines, and/or changes to company risk tolerance criteria. Regardless of the cause, several critical items need to be identified prior to designing the SIS. Failure to do so can result in large regret costs and additional headaches during startup and maintenance. In this presentation, we will identify these key items and discuss their short-term impact on the design process as well as their long-term impact on the operation and maintenance of the process.

DeltaV – Sharing Experiences

Tommy Patterson (Charlotte Only) – RE Mason Company
Andy Delikat (Richmond Only) – RE Mason Company
Project Execution Team – RE Mason Company

When a new control system is implemented, it’s a lot for the operations personnel to take in all at once. Training classes help, but wouldn’t it be great to have a tool available for them to look at for reference any time they need it? This session will show how the Tritium Process Controls Group at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions developed a custom tool, which can show work instructions, procedures, network drawings, troubleshooting & maintenance guides and even training videos that can be loaded and accessed on a DeltaV workstation. The tool is based on the existing Microsoft Help framework, and is easily customizable and editable.

DeltaV Mobile – Today’s Ever-Changing Work Practices

Al Lee – Emerson

DeltaV Mobile is an intuitive experience that allows DeltaV users to have the plant at their fingertips whenever they need it. It allows engineers, operators, and plant managers to view real time process data, historical trends, alarm details from multiple DeltaV systems (with no additional DeltaV configuration required), and other systems via OPC. Users can also receive real time notifications for DeltaV alarms.

Tight integration with DeltaV allows users to quickly search across the DeltaV System for process values or other parameters and create their own watch lists. With the advanced filtering capabilities, users can personalize their lists and notifications, so they only receive information that is specific to their needs. Users can filter by many different criteria such as area, unit, module, equipment, alarm category and alarm priority. Users can also easily share views with colleagues. Even if they don’t have the DeltaV Mobile Application, users can send a screenshot via email or text.

Users can view DeltaV displays from their PC web browser. In addition, you can easily define your own dashboards, selecting and arranging the information you need. You can also combine related real-time and historical information from multiple DeltaV systems, other control systems and historians.

DeltaV Mobile provides one place to view all of your process information, giving decision-making tools to people when and where they need it.

DeltaV PK Controller – Powerful Standalone, Easily Integrated

Keith Bellville – Emerson

Introducing the DeltaV PK Controller, the newest controller in the DeltaV family of controllers launching with DeltaV v14.3. The PK Controller is purpose built for small, standalone, fast process control and native Ethernet device control applications.

The PK Controller is a powerful standalone and easily integrated and allows our users the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use when installing their DeltaV systems.

Are you Protected? Cybersecurity for DeltaV Systems

Rick Gorskie – Emerson

How protected from cybersecurity attacks is your DeltaV control system? Do you know?

If you don’t know, where do you start your cybersecurity journey? These questions and many answers to securing your DeltaV system through products and services will be covered in this session.

Reliability Management


Knocking Down the Barriers to IIoT Adoption

Brian Joe – Emerson

In a world of Big Data, the Internet of Things, Digital Transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, users from process and automation industries are still hesitant towards adopting new operational tactics.

Large investments, architecture complexity, data flow, and lack of quantifiable proof are all holding users in a “wait and see” frame of mind. This session will discuss how purpose-built “apps” have addressed the major concerns of industry professionals and become a simple solution for IIoT strategies.

From on premise to cloud, small focus to large, existing infrastructure to new, these apps have the capability to fit the needs of a wide range of users. Smaller installations can see benefits in mere weeks/months, while larger installations provide ROI with large bottom-line return with improved safety, reliability and energy usage.

Condition Based Monitoring Techniques to Mitigate Identified Failure Modes (Workshop)

Bruce Hawkins – Emerson (in Charlotte)
Stan Moore – Emerson (in Richmond)

It is well understood that time-based refurbishment and replacements are not appropriate for most plant equipment assets.

As failures can occur at random age intervals, the most effective strategy is to monitor equipment to identify the onset of failure as early as possible in the failure progression cycle. But what do you monitor on what types of equipment? This presentation will discuss the need to identify failure modes using techniques such as Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, and will explore various technologies to identify the most common failure modes.

The presentation will be followed by hands-on demonstrations of several condition monitoring technologies.

Save Time and Money with AMS Device Manager During Start-up and Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Improving Reliability, and Regulatory Compliance

Eric Snyder – Emerson

AMS Device Manager uses predictive diagnostics to let you know the condition of your valves, transmitters, meters, and analyzers. AMS Device Manager helps you save time and money during start-up and commissioning, troubleshooting devices, improving reliability, and meeting regulatory compliance.

Drive Plant Reliability More Effectively with One Tool: AMS Trex Device Communicator

Stephen West – Emerson

Come and learn how the Emerson AMS Trex Device Communicator is helping plants to drive plant reliability, save time and money, while mastering data management and integrity – more uptime, less stress and wasted time, and less paperwork.

Consolidate, Subscribe, Collaborate, and be Always Aware with Plantweb Optics

Eric Snyder – Emerson

Plantweb Optics is the new collaboration software application for managing asset health across your organization. Plantweb Optics aggregates data from multiple applications into asset-centric information, then delivers persona-based alerts for improving the reliability of your rotating equipment, instruments and valves.

One Small Step in Your PdM Program, One Giant Leap in Your Reliability Programs Digital Transformation

Reuben Wunder – Emerson

Upgrading portions of your route-based PdM program may seem like a logical next step for getting better results, but the benefits provided go far beyond simply more data.

Converting hand-held data collection points to full-time online monitoring actually improves numerous aspects of your plant’s operations including: data trending, pattern-recognition, process improvement and last but not least, personnel safety.

This presentation will discuss each aspect in detail to help you begin to transform your plant to the Digital World and IIoT.

Industrial Valves


RE Mason Company Assembly & New Repair Shop Update – One Stop Shop for Any Valve Repair

Craig Johnson – RE Mason Company

In 2017, RE Mason expanded its service offering to include service and repair for safety relief valves and isolation valves. RE Mason and Emerson Lifecycle Service now provide exclusive authorized OEM Service for all Emerson branded valves and provide repair for other manufacturers control valves, isolation valves and safety relief valves.

This presentation will review the capabilities of RE Mason and Emerson to provide all your valve repair needs whether shop or field.

Safety Risk & Lost $$ in Steam Leaks? Vanessa Triple Offset is Your Answer

David Van Veen – Emerson
Jeff Gremillion – Emerson

The inability to properly isolate steam at a critical point results in a loss of production, adds cost due to waste and can be a possible significant safety issue.

We will highlight how Vanessa TOV’s proven technology will solve your critical steam isolation issue. We will demonstrate how the sealing technology works and how the breadth of product has evolved with the demands of today’s applications.
There will be an overview of detailed safety and production features as well as a focus on the products ease of use and repair. We will discuss the automation do’s and don’ts and how to troubleshoot issues.

This technology will improve your plant safety and offer maintenance & planning the confidence to proceed as scheduled. Vanessa is the answer to your facilities critical steam isolation needs.

Connected Services – DVC Monitorization of Critical Valves, Get to Know Your Equipment

Jon Carlow – Emerson

The process industry’s complexity is increasing, industry scale continues to grow, and expertise is leaving the workforce. While these trends are already occurring, industrial plants are still being challenged to enhance reliability and throughput. With the Valve Connected Services Monitoring program, customers are provided 24/7, non-intrusive health monitoring of their Fisher™ control valves, to deliver focused predictive analysis enabling early issue identification to minimize costly unplanned downtime – helping improve overall plant safety, availability, and profitability.

Constantly Replacing Ball Valves Due to Packing Leaks? KTM Ball Valve provide Premier Isolation in Various Applications

David Van Veen – Emerson

Packing leaks on ball valves have more than an environmental impact; they also impact the performance of the unit.

We will look into understanding the new Fugitive Emissions requirements and its impact to Performance and Maintenance.

Do it Yourself – Fisher DVC Workshop / Fisher Bench Set Instruction / Isolation Valve Travel Stop Setting (Two Part Workshop)

Dan Fisher – RE Mason Company
Travis Bates (Charlotte Only) – RE Mason Company
Excel Thomas (Richmond Only) – RE Mason Company

Part 1: Do it Yourself – Fisher DVC Workshop / Fisher Bench Set Instruction:

This will be a live demonstration of setting up Fisher Control valve from setting bench set, Setting stroke and installing a DVC6200 digital valve controller with calibration and troubleshooting. Then we show you the ValveLink™software with alerts and alarms and how they operate using the latest version 13.0.

Part 2: Isolation Valve Travel Stop Setting:

This will be a demonstration of travel stop setting for automated ball and butterfly valves. We will also investigate the installation & troubleshooting of instrumentation such as Topworx limit switches and ASCO solenoid valves, including common problems seen in the field and how to address them.

Anderson Greenwood Crosby PRV Business Update – Yearly Preventative Maintenance for Safety Relief

Dean Barnes – RE Mason Company

This seminar will contain information on PM product types and an overview of ASME Section I & VIII along with API PRV related standards and RPs. This brief presentation also serves as effective refresher course for experienced personnel and offers a unique forum for the interchange of information.

Engineering, process and reliability engineering, operations, maintenance and planning personnel – who are new to the pressure relief devices and/or those desiring a refresher or better understanding of the applicable codes and standards, product types, are the target audience.

With the ASME Code, API standards/recommended practices, National Board documents and many other regulatory bodies overseeing the sizing, selection, installation and preventative maintenance of pressure relief devices in all key industries, this training is a very good overview of pressure management products.

Steam Turbine System Key Components – High Pressure Steam Isolation – Raisteam Gate Valve is Solution

Juan Pablo Ochoa – Emerson

Emerson’s application, metallurgy and welding specialists focus on delivering severe service isolation valves to enable the plant design engineer and operators to maximize electricity generation, availability, reliability and safety. The way forward lies in improving the plant efficiency. This is where Emerson Valves & Controls has taken the lead.

Our combination of different technologies offer unique and customized solutions to typical problems in the industry like 9%Cr material specification issues, stellite/hardfacing delamination and thermal binding.

Fisher Enardo Varec Total Tank Management – How to Manage all the Devices Around Your System?

Travis Lunn – RE Mason Company

Storage Tanks are critical assets and like any asset, they must be protected and maintained. There are many factors to consider: product quality, integrity of the tank, safety, standards, and environment.

  • How do you manage all of these factors?
  • How do you select the right equipment and ensure it is applied properly?
  • How do you monitor the tanks and equipment, even though they are often difficult to access or in a remote area?

Knowing how to protect and maintain storage vessels can save your plant money and prevent major disasters. The solutions discussed in this course include tank blanketing regulators, PVRV’s, conservation vents, emergency vent valves, flame arrestors, level measurement, and wireless monitoring.

We will cover the best practices for managing API 2000 low-pressure storage tanks and the equipment required to keep you and your assets safe.

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