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Getting It Mixed Up - The Fundamentals of Fluid Mixing
Mixing is an important, sometimes critical operation for the process industries, but it is rarely taught in the traditional chemical engineering curriculum. Most engineers are taught the contents of a stirred tank are uniformly mixed and that this happens instantaneously. In some cases, this assumption is valid and in others, when it is not, it can lead to severe problems in the operation of a plant.

R.E. Mason has partnered with the leader in advanced mixing solutions, SPX FLOW, Lightnin, to bring you a technical training seminar designed to teach the fundamentals of mixing.

Join us for this expert-led seminar, Getting It Mixed Up - The Fundamentals of Fluid Mixing,hosted in both Charlotte and Raleigh, and learn how proper sizing and selection of your industrial mixers can enhance and improve operations.

Session Topics Include

  • Characterizing Impeller Performance 

  • Design of Agitators for Bio-Reactors

  • Mixing in Upstream & Downstream Processes 

  • Agitator Design Requirements  / Agitator Data Sheets

Continuing Education

Attendees of this technical series can earn up to 6 PDH/.6 CEU of continuing education credits.

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Payment Details

Individual Rate: $279
Group Rate (3+): $249 per person

For payment, please submit a PO to If you have any questions regarding payment please contact


Raleigh, NC
December 1, 2022 | 9AM

Sheraton Imperial Hotel Raleigh-Durham 
4700 Emperor Blvd I-40, #282, 
Durham, NC 27703
The Auditorium

Payment Details

Individual Rate: $279
Group Rate (3+): $249 per person

Payment must be made by submitting a PO to

Continuing Education

This seminar is eligible for Professional Development Hours credits and Continuing Education Units. All attendees receive a certificate of completion after the seminar indicating the number of hours earned.

Attendees of this technical series can earn up to 6 PDH/.6 CEU of continuing education credits.


Dr. Richard K. Grenville, PHD
Dr. Richard K. Grenville has over 30 years of experience in the field of mixing.  He is an adjunct professor at Rowan University and the University of Delaware, a Chartered Engineer, a fellow of both the Institution of Chemical Engineers and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and past president of the North American Mixing Forum.


How much does the it cost to register for the seminar? This seminar costs $279 per attendee. 

Do you have group rates? Yes, the group rate is $249 per attendee for groups of three or more. 

Do I have to attend all of the sessions? No, but you will only receive PDH credit for the sessions you attend in person.

How do I get PDH credit for attending the seminar?

To receive PDH Continuing Education credit, you will need to take these steps:

  1. Pre-register for the seminar. You will get a confirmation email containing your addiential event details.
  2. Attend the in-person sessions. There is nothing else you need to do in advance.
  3. Verify attendance by completing polls, surveys, and/or session quizzes.
  4. Approximately 72 hours after the webinar series has ended, you will receive a certificate (PDF download) that documents your CEUs via email. 
How many PDH credits can I earn from attending the webinar series?
Each session is worth 1+PDH/.1+ CEU credit(s). You can earn up to 6 PDH/.6 CEU continuing education credits by attending every session of this seminar.

The PDH Credit Detail List breaks down how many PDH credits you can receive by session.

Continuing Education Requirements by State:
North Carolina
South Carolina