Emerson Fisher™ Regulators

The Industry Standard for Performance and Extended Service Life.

Emerson leads the way in providing pressure regulating products in an array of applications. Fisher regulators offer design innovation, superior performance and unbeatable reliability and durability under extreme conditions in even the world’s most rugged environments.

Selecting the right regulator based on the application is key to a successful solution. For over 75 years, Fisher regulators have been a part of our product portfolio. With years of industry specific experience, factory trained technical experts, and substantial investment in local product inventory, RE Mason Company is uniquely positioned to select the right regulator.

Natural Gas Regulators

Our focus is on the natural gas industry. No other regulator manufacturer offers more products and services tailored to the natural gas industry. Since the birth of the natural gas industry, Emerson Fisher regulators has been a leader in customer commitment, value for the dollar, engineering application support, and innovative product design.

Whether your natural gas application involves pipeline transmission at 1000 psig, or a residual regulator operating at 7 inches of water column, our team of application engineers are trained to supply you with the correct regulator or relief valve, incorporating the latest engineering technology meeting and exceeding all industry standards.

Industrial Regulators

With applications for steam, air, liquid, process gas, and tank blanketing, Emerson’s industrial pressure regulators possess exceptional flow characteristics and excellent shutoff. Like all Emerson products, they are designed for accuracy and consistent control, and engineered to “install, set and forget.” This kind of performance, plus Emerson’s expertise, helps minimize plant and process downtime.

The Fisher brand technology and expertise date back to 1880. Over the years, Fisher became the industry standard for reliable pressure regulation with a minimum of maintenance.

Fisher and our complimentary brands, offer the broadest product lines with dedicated support of any pressure regulator manufacturer. By utilizing the full breadth of Emerson Regulator Technologies products, RE Mason Company can help you select the correct regulator for your application.

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