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Enhance your measurement operations by improving metrology performance, reducing measurement uncertainty and ensuring compliance with measurement contracts. Emerson's RTUs and Flow Computers are engineered to help you maintain measurement integrity while meeting operational objectives, including improved safety and security measures. In addition, a new, simplified configuration process ensures less experienced field engineers can quickly setup meter runs.
Achieving precise measurement is the key to controlling lost and unaccounted for gas. FB1000 and FB2000 Series Flow Computers are engineered to make measurement systems more accurate and robust. In fact, the inherent accuracy of the pressure and DP sensors minimizes measurement errors while best-in-class temperature measurement reduces uncertainty by 75%. This industry-leading performance will help you reduce the time spent on reconciliations and eliminate major discrepancies.
Keeping personnel and property safe are critical objectives but difficult to achieve when your team is operating over a large territory, driving from one hazardous area to another. FB1000 and FB2000 Series Flow Computers offer FBxWifi™, a secure wireless solution that allows local connection to the flow computer from a designated safe area for monitoring, data collection and configuration. FBxWifi™ in combination with many other features reduce the number of high risk operations and keep your team off the road and out of hazardous areas. 
Achieving security goals can be challenging. FB1000 and FB2000 Series Flow Computers are designed from the ground up with IT compliance in mind. Robust user authentication and role-based security help mitigate the risks of unauthorized access, greatly reducing the likelihood of various attack vectors. In addition, the firmware contains all required calculations and engineering units to further ensure the integrity of your fiscal data.
Reducing time spent in the field and on reconciling data will allow your operation to achieve more with fewer resources. FB1000 and FB2000 Series Flow Computers help you achieve these goals by offering a guided configuration process to expedite setup, long-term stability to reduce calibration frequency and enhanced fall-back options to ensure metering continues in the event of external problems. These features and more allow you to eliminate unnecessary costs, reduce your dependance on expert resources and increase productivity with your newest employees.


FB1000 and FB2000 Series Flow Computers
<h5>FB1000 and FB2000 Series Flow Computers</h5>

Introducing the FB3000 RTU
<h5>Introducing the FB3000 RTU</h5>