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Pressure Management Pressure Management

Transmission and Distribution

Making sure the right equipment is specified and commissioned in a complex hydrogen transmission and distribution network is a real challenge.

R.E. Mason's offering of Fisher direct and pilot operated pressure regulators, such as the EZR and EZH, are renowned for setting industry standards and delivering superior process performance. 

Struggling to mitigate noise issues while improving safety and productivity?

"We believe regulators should be seen and not heard."

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Explore the new Fisher 6060 WhisperTube Modal Attenuator that is a passive reactive silencer designed for installation downstream of a noise contributing control valve. The solution requires negligible pressure drop across the device without impacting the flow capacity.

Overpressure Protection

Any incident, no matter the size, is one too many!
Our portfolio of gas regulators, slam shuts, relief valves and monitors provide the last line of defense against over pressurizing the delivery lines.
Operate with a piece of mind that you have the industry leading pressure relief and safety valve brands such as Anderson Greenwood and Crosby for your natural gas operations. R.E. Mason provides you with decades of dependable overpressure protection you can count on.
Rapidly isolate the gas flow during an overpressure or under-pressure event using our OSE slam-shut valve. It's ideal for natural gas applications requiring positive shutoff protection, fast speed of response and high shock resistance.

Regulator Monitor Systems​

Utilizing regulator monitor systems is another means of overpressure protection for applications. A monitor system is any two regulators in series, both sensing the same downstream pressure. Upon Failure of one regulator, the other will continue to maintain downstream pressure.

Two types of arrangements include the wide-open monitor and the working monitor system.  

Wide-Open Monitor Advantages​

Increased System Reliability ​

Simplified Testing​

Overpressure Protection by Containment

Working Monitor Advantages​

Increased System Reliability ​
More Confidence in Monitor Takeover​
Less Wear on Both Regulators​
Less Noise Produced​
Overpressure Protection by Containment​

Relief Valve Monitoring​

Beyond regulatory compliance…

Relief Valves are mechanical devices and are not typically monitored, where scheduled preventive maintenance is the norm.
This results in undetected relief events and leakages that can go unnoticed for years.

Automated monitoring of relief valves enables rapid detection and response, thus maintaining regulatory compliance. 

"R.E. Mason has the expertise and solutions necessary to help you comply!"

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Gain real time visibility to release data
Reduce fines and environmental impact
Identify leaking and sticking valves


Overpressure Protection

<h4>Overpressure Protection</h4>
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