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Valves & Instrumentation Valves & Instrumentation
Unsure of what valves and instrumentation to use in your most critical applications?

Unsure of what valves and instrumentation to use in your most critical applications?

Specifying and commissioning your field valves and instrumentation accurately the first time is critical to preventing reliability and performance challenges.

R.E. Mason has the engineering expertise to help make sure your equipment is specified to meet your process life-cycle requirements and the field resources to execute successful start-up and commissioning.​

Custody Transfer Measurement

Rotary gas meters are used for custody transfer in a wide variety of gases due to their reliability and accuracy over an extremely large flow range. Taking precautions to prevent flow blockage that stops the gas supply is one critical aspect of choosing the right solutions for your process that R.E. Mason can help make sure you get right the first time.
Principle of a Rotary Gas Meter

Principle of a Rotary Gas Meter

The rotary gas meter is a displacement type gas meter. The actual measurement is performed by two figure 8-shaped impellers (rotors) rotating within a measurement chamber. During a full revolution of the rotors a fixed volume is displaced from the inlet to the outlet of the meter. The number of revolutions represents the amount of volume passed. The volume is displayed on a direct read counter type index. Several low and high frequency pulsers can be used for flow computing or control purposes.

The FMG series of rotary gas meters are designed to meet the highest demands of reliable and accurate measurement of gas flow being MID approved and fully compliant with EN12480 and OIML R137. The FMR series of rotary meters are suitable for custody transfer gas measurement of all non-corrosive gases such as natural gas, propane, butane, air, hydrogen, etc. Special constructions can be supplied for use under extreme conditions like higher temperatures and corrosive gases.
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Odorant Systems

Proper odorization ensures public safety through early detection and reporting of gas leaks. How gas is odorized is dependent on many factors, such as application, location and flow rate of the gas. R.E. Mason has the portfolio of odorant solutions and broad expertise to cover the broad spectrum. 

Learn how a Major Eastern Europe Gas Utility reduces annual ownership cost by 181 k€ ($195k USD) using Emerson Smart Odorizing System
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Valves & Actuation

Maintaining flow accuracy, minimizing noise and mitigating fugitive emissions are just a few key challenges to address with your valves and actuation needs.

By delivering best-in-class solutions, R.E. Mason has the portfolio and expertise to specify and maintain your valves and actuation needs, resulting in accurate and reliable gas delivery to your customers.

Fisher Control Valves

Decrease process variability while protecting equipment and the environment from excessive noise. Explore our control valve portfolio for designs tested for maximum efficiency and compliance with industry standards. ​
Explore the new Fisher 6060 WhisperTube Modal Attenuator that is a passive reactive silencer designed for installation downstream of a noise contributing control valve. The solution requires negligible pressure drop across the device without impacting the flow capacity and process.
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Bettis Actuators

Bettis Actuators

Safe, reliable and field-proven actuation technologies for pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators that suit your gas application needs. ​
Valve Automation Solutions

Valve Automation Solutions

With over 80 years of valve expertise, R.E. Mason can support all your valve automation needs regardless of valve type or brand. We can design, source and assemble unique and custom automation packages that meet your most challenging requirements.

Valve Instrumentation

Increase productivity and decrease maintenance costs through the use quality valve controllers and accessories. The Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6200 allows for your operation to run closer to setpoint to improve quality with more accurate control.
TopWorx is a leader in discrete valve control and GO Switch position sensing for the process industries, enabling more intelligent and efficient control of operations.
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