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Workplace Safety

Regulatory Compliance

Obsolete Control Equipment

Smaller Budgets

Unplanned Shutdowns

High Maintenance Cost

Cyber-Security Attacks

Undertrained Employees

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Control & Safety

Is your legacy control system still reliable?

Do your operators have so many alarms that they basically ignore them?

How do you know if they missed an important alarm? Could that missed alarm result in lost product or quality, a preventable shutdown or worse yet  a safety problem?

Valves & Equipment

Are oversized valves costing you more to operate and maintain? Even if a valve looks ok, if it is oversized:

  • Energy costs are higher
  • Control is difficult to impossible
  • Maintenance costs are higher

Is your budget tight but you need to automate a few existing critical valves?


Is your unscheduled downtime less the 3%?  Is your maintenance cost less than 2% of asset replacement value (ARV)?

That is what it takes to be a top performer.

You could be spending  3 to 3 ½ times more if you are not a top performer.

Reliability is not a “maintenance” issue. It’s a “business” issue.

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