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Pulp Machine Control Pulp Machine Control
Effective operation of the paper machine can be extremely challenging.

Effective operation of the paper machine can be extremely challenging.

The paper or tissue  machine is the final stage in the process for producing the specified end product in a pulp and paper mill. The pulp slurry is run across the 'wire' to drain water and create a continuous pulp web, and the wet web passes through a press section to squeeze out excess water before finally passing through a heated drying section. Effective operation of the machine can be extremely difficult as there are many critical loops that require accurate and reliable measurement and control. Deviations in basis weight, pulp consistency controls , stock flows, head box level, condensate levels,  vacuum controls and dryer temperature can result in an off-spec end product or lost production due to sheet breaks.

Choose the best-in-class technology for the application.

We apply high performance Emerson Fisher™ control valves to minimize process variations, provide vibration and control valve monitoring to avoid failures and plan maintenance  and advanced control systems and solutions for pulp and paper machines. Fisher Vee-Ball™ valves are widely used around paper machines for pulp stock and steam controls with special arrangements for  basis weight control  while high performance butterfly valves for are also applied for steam and vacuum control applications.  Small globe valves for chemical additions for pH control and additives with larger globe valves for condensate levels and desuperheater spraywater also plan important roles in paper machine operation.  Once all the final control products are properly sized, selected and applied we offeradvanced machine control solutions that have contributed to effective operation of pulp and paper machines for our Customers.

Ensure effective plant operations
Respond to process changes effectively
Avoid lost production

Proven Results

Our fellow Emerson Impact Partner implemented a process control optimization project on a pulp machine in northern British Columbia. The basis weight and air dry variability were reduced by over 60%, machine startups became 50% faster and overall production was optimized. This resulted in annual production benefit of over $3,000,000/year.
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