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Final Control

Don’t Risk the High Cost of Saving Money

April 16, 2024

Beware the misconception that a CLARKSON™ slurry knife gate sleeve is merely ordinary. Some may suggest any third-party shop can replicate it "just as good, but cheaper." However, cheaper often translates to compromised quality: inferior raw materials, shoddy machining, loose tolerances, and shortened lifespan.

Don’t entrust the safety of your people, plant, and the environment to anything less than the genuine article. What initially appears economical can swiftly become costly, with rework, unforeseen downtime, increased maintenance expenses, and potential safety risks.

Genuine Clarkson™ sleeves adhere to the exacting standards that initially drew you to the brand.

Explore further in the linked flyer or reach out to R.E. Mason for additional details.

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Your Clarkson Slurry Knife Gate Valves are a capital investment. Maximize your return and build a sustainable advantage in your business with OEM certified sleeves that deliver superior performance and value over the full valve lifecycle.