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R.E. Mason Selected as Exclusive Representative for Bettis and EIM Electric Actuators

October 9, 2020
R.E. Mason is excited to announce that they have been selected by Emerson to be the exclusive sales channel for North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia for Bettis and EIM Brand Electric Actuators. Emerson’s Bettis and EIM brands have an exceptional reputation and 65+ year history in providing actuation solutions for the Process and Industrial  markets. Emerson is the Innovation Leader for Electric Actuation with the M2CP, XTE3000, and RTS Series of Electric Actuators.

RTS Intelligent Actuator Key Features Include:

  • True Spring Return Fail Safe Operations
  • Throttling Control within 0.1% of setpoint
  • Optional PID that allows for easy single loop control with any type of transmitter and true variable speed control throughout stroke

XTE3000 Intelligent Actuator Key Features Include:

  • Optional Remote Electronics for High Vibration and High Temperature Applications
  • Best In Class Diagnostics, compatible with DCMLink Snap-on for Emerson AMS Software
  • Ease of Configuration via Local LCD Display and non-intrusive selector switches
  • Absolute Encoder (will not lose position upon loss of power)
  • Emergency Shutdown Capability (ESD) Feature

M2CP Key Features Include:

  • Largest Tapered Roller Bearings in the Industry
  • Robust Gears extend service life
  • Easily Replaceable Electrical Package facilitates quick field repair
  • Stem Nut removable from top of actuator for ease of maintenance
  • High Vibration and High Temperature Packages

Get a basic introduction to electric actuation in Emerson's 10 part video series.