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Process Solutions

Case study: Lightnin mixers provide process solutions for American Zinc Products

December 17, 2020
Lightnin, a premier brand of SPX FLOW, brings together their local expertise, technology and services to create custom process solutions that optimize plant operations.

In this latest case study, Lightnin demonstrates how their holistic approach helps American Zinc Products, a local metal processing company, reach optimal mixing performance. 

Richard Kehn, principal engineer for mixing technology at SPX FLOW, is quoted saying: 

Being able to supply a mixer for an application is important, but to ensure an efficient and reliable installation it is also critical to understand what the process needs from the mixer, the effect of the flow pattern on the product you are mixing, tank internals and on downstream processes. With the support of our Lightnin channel partner in the Carolinas, R.E. Mason, we have been delighted to serve AZP over the past years, providing new mixers, parts, service and technical consultancy.

R.E. Mason has been proudly representing the Lightnin brand in Carolinas for over 80 years to help our customers achieve thier process solution goals.