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DeltaV™ Fused-Injected-Power Terminal Block
The Fused-Injected-Power Terminal block is designed to work with all Isolated discrete Output CHARM types, creating a system-powered circuit that can deliver up to 1 amp (DC) of power on discrete output channels.
DeltaV™ Fused-Injected-Power Terminal Block


Number of Connections
2 Screw Cage terminals 0.32-2.5 mm2 / 22-14 AWG
Strip Length
7 - 9 mm / 0.28-0.36 in.
Maximum Current
1 A max. at 250 V AC max.
Field Replaceable Fuse


  • Includes a 2A field replaceable fuse
  • You can combine isolated and system powered circuits on the same baseplate
  • All CHARMs meet ISA 71.04-1985 severity level G3 (harsh) corrosion specifications