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DeltaV™ Remote Access Service (RAS)
PDP_DeltaV Remote Access Service (RAS)
DeltaV™ Remote Access Service (RAS) allows you to locate full-function DeltaV operator and engineering workstations locations remote from the DeltaV system.
Engineers can configure and troubleshoot DeltaV systems from their desktops or other remote locations with a direct LAN connection to the DeltaV system. With DeltaV RAS you can now set up the optimum network for both control and engineering to meet the specific needs of your facility and your process.


  • Operate and diagnose your process from locations outside your DeltaV™ control network: now it’s possible to manage and monitor your process from remote locations
  • Maintain your configuration, run diagnostics, build displays and help the operators troubleshoot the process without traveling out to the control room
  • Provides the flexibility to operate your plant from your internal plant LAN or hundreds of kilometers away using standard communications hardware