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Accurate and Reliable, Robust Construction, and Low Cost of Ownership

The FMR 300 entire aluminum casing is designed for working pressures up to 500psi with a safety factor of 4, making it the lightest meter in its pressure class. The square impellers and improved position of the main bearings and shafts make the meter more resistant to overload and pressure shocks.

The FMR 600 utilizes a steel casing with the same cartridge design and enhanced bearings for higher operating pressures up to 1450psi. The steel casing is designed to absorb pipe stresses caused by misalignments keeping the running stress free. For applications with higher than usual gas contaminations, the meter can be equipped with oilers for the rear bearings to flush out dirt.
Suitable for Custody Transfer Measurement of All Non-Corrosive Gases 
Typical applications include:
  • Gas distribution in medium to high pressure networks Industrial applications
  • Compressed Natural Gas applications (such as NGV filling stations)
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