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Well Optimization Manager
An advanced user program designed to maximize production from oil and gas wells.
Intended for the ROC800-Series or the FloBoss 107, the program supports multiple industry-standard artificial lift techniques, including intermitted control, plunger lift (conventional and continuous), gas lift (for liquid or gas production), plunger-assisted gas lift (PAGL), gas-assisted plunger lift (GAPL).


  • Program User Interface is divided into five separate displays
  • Units - provides unit flexibility and internationalization
  • Configuration - configuration for all aspects of the user program
  • Core Operate - provides information on the basic well object
  • Gas Lift Operate - operation and result data for gas lift feature
  • Cyclic Operate - operation and result data for plunger lift/intermitted features
  • Enhanced optimization and operation
  • Coleman Turner critical flow calculation included
  • Foss and Gaul plunger lift load factor calculation included
  • Self-adjustment of plunger triggers
  • Real time value alerts
  • Nomination period and accumulation control