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TESCOM™ High Pressure Gas Valve
High Pressure Valve Gas
High Pressure Valve for the supply of high purity gases in laboratory gas supply lines.
Ideal for high pressure systems and high flow systems. Suitable for 5.0 purity gas applications. This product is also used in main lines and specialty panel solutions.
TESCOM™ High Pressure Gas Valve


Nominal Width (DN)
Line Valve: 0.394'' / 10 mm
Nominal Pressure
Line Valve: 4351 psig / 300 bar
Operating Temperature
-4°F to 158°F / -20°C to 70°C
Body: Brass
Shaft Gasket: O-ring package, FSI
Line Valve: PA 6.6, O2: Vespel®
Inlet & Outlet Connection
Line Valve: G 1/2 female
Line Valve: 1.4 lbs / 0.65 kg
Additional Information
For custom modifications or a complete system solution, please contact your local sales office.


  • No contamination of the gas due to full metal design
  • Very high flows
  • Reliable design
  • Proven and safe design
  • Long service life
  • Easy to install and serviceable
  • Optional colored gas code on the handknob for easy identification