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Neotecha Model Sapro In­line Sampling Systems
Model Sapro In-line Sampling Systems
In-line sampling system for representative sampling without process interruption
Neotecha Model Sapro In­line Sampling Systems


CRN, Fugitive Emission, PED
End Connection
Flanged, Wafer
Body Design
Short Pattern, Long Pattern
Teflon, 316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy
Operating Temperature
Less Than 200 C
Pressure Class
Seat/Seal Type
Lined, Bellows


  • The sampling system ensures a ‘true representative sample’ without process interruption. Designed to be installed directly into a process pipeline.
  • Offered with either a bottle or syringe collection method. This allows for different levels of safety and containment for different applications.
  • The syringe collection method utilizes a Sapro valve with a universal bayonet connection which allows one syringe to be used at multiple sample points.
  • The operation of the sampling system with bottle adapter is very simple and safe.
  • The spring loaded lever automatically closes the sampler when it is released.
  • The Sapro with bottle adapter comes standard with built-in locking device for safety.
  • PFA lining is available for corrosive services.
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • Seat change is quick and easy.
  • Spindle seal (including PFA lined) approved in accordance with TA-Luft VDI 2440.
  • Tightness according DIN EN 12266, leakage rate A, bubble tight.
  • Spark testing of all PFA lined and encapsulated parts is performed with 30 kV.