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Fisher™ Type RPE Electric Pilot Heater
Type RPE is used for reheating gas supplying pressure reducing regulator pilots.
Type RPE avoids the inconveniences caused by freezing which occur during large pressure drops. There are two versions of the Type RPE.
Fisher™ Type RPE Electric Pilot Heater


Maximum Operating Pressure
Thermometer Pocket with Heating Element: 100 bar/1450 psig
Temperature Measurement
Interchangeable Thermic probe 10 k?
Two interchangeable Heating Cartridges: 280 W - 230 V
Temperature Regulation Range
Thermostat: -30 to 90°C / -22° to 194°F
Power Supply
Power Relay
I max ?2 A
U 250 V~
Thermostat: 2 A
Power Relay: 2 A
Pneumatic Connections
Electrical Connections
Electrical Type RPE Box: Packing gland 3/4 NPT for cable snap-on
Electrical Wiring: Customer
Heater: 1,4 kg


  • Robust
  • Large Range of Utilization
  • Protection in Case of High Overpressure


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