Emerson PRV University Virtual Series Part 6: Code and Standards is 1.18.22
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Decades of Innovation and Field Proven Actuation Technology

Safe, reliable and field-proven actuation technologies for pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators, and gearboxes that suit many types of applications and specifications.

R.E. Mason has the inventory, experience and customized capabilities to find the optimal solution for your valve automation needs.

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About Bettis™

Bettis™ is a leading brand in the broad offering of Emerson Automation Solutions. Bettis actuators and controls function in almost every energy-related industry. From oil and gas transmission, to petrochemical and petroleum refining. Other significant markets include chemical; power industry including nuclear; pulp and paper; food and beverage; pharmaceutical; HVAC and water systems.

To serve customers with the latest technology, Emerson has a global presence for its Bettis products. This includes strategic World Area Configuration Center locations and a knowledgeable worldwide sales force. Bettis is unmatched in the industry, offering its complete valve operating systems. Bettis products are specifically engineered for their intended application, guaranteeing minimum torque and thrust values. All products undergo thorough testing and quality checks before shipping.

The newest electric actuator in its vast portfolio of actuators is the Bettis XTE3000. Manufactured in Houston, Texas, it expands on the proven Biffi ICON 3000 design.

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