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Final Control

A Key Valve Reliability Issue Solved: Designing, Testing, & Delivering an ERS

April 24, 2024
A nuclear power plant faced a significant challenge with outdated technology in a crucial feedwater valve's positioner, risking substantial unplanned downtime and millions in lost revenue. Seeking solutions, the plant turned to R.E. Mason.

In response, we engineered and rigorously tested an Enhanced Reliability System (ERS), featuring redundant Fisher DVC positioners and complementary equipment. This solution, proven effective across numerous nuclear plants, ensures operational continuity.

Moreover, we offer scaled-down ERS options tailored for critical applications in industries such as Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Mining, Steel, LVC, Life Sciences, and Power Generation.

The ERS exemplifies how R.E. Mason addresses your valve challenges comprehensively.

Watch our latest YouTube Video and reach out to discover more about our capabilities.
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