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AMS 6500 ATG Online Protection System
The AMS 6500 ATG protection system is a modern protection-plus-prediction system designed to easily replace obsolete protection systems, allowing users to cost-effectively initiate online prediction monitoring of critical rotating machinery assets like steam turbine generators, gas turbines, boiler feed pumps, offshore compressors, pipeline turbo compressors, chemical industry compressors, turbo exhausters, blowers, boosters and more.

AMS 6500 ATG includes flexible cards that can be configured to acquire prediction data, an embedded OPC server, and a mobile app for viewing data from anywhere on the plant network.

Although no additional software is required when using AMS 6500 ATG, reliability, operations, and maintenance personnel can move beyond simple fault recognition and take analysis a step further by pairing with AMS Machine Works as a complimentary solution.

AMS 6500 ATG Protection System Embedded Prediction

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AMS 6500 ATG – Scalable Prediction Opportunities

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AMS 6500 ATG

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Monitoring the Conditions of the Plant Assets

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AMS 6500 ATG Online Protection System


Analog Channels
Up to 44 (2 full ATG racks)
Tachometer Channels
Sampling Rate
48 kHz
ADC Resolution/Fmax
24 bit / 18.75 kHz
Lines of Resolution (via Modbus)
Waveform samples (via Modbus)
Input Type
See A6500-UM specifications
Channel Scan
2 up to 44 Channel simultaneous
High Frequency Detection
PeakVue, PeakVue Waveform (OPC-UA, Modbus TCP)
Communication with AMS Machine Works
Ethernet (Data Transfer Service to database)


  • Embedded predictive diagnostics including PeakVue™ technology, order analysis, band analysis and energy in bands
  • Communicate and use with AMS Machine Works asset performance management software platform to harness Advanced Analysis Tools.
  • Interface with other applications through OPC UA, Modbus TCP/IP, or Modbus RTU
  • Machine Studio Configuration Software features a familiar, more intuitive user interface.
  • The ATG View Mobile Application delivers asset health information to the user anywhere on the plant network.
  • 42-Month warranty
  • Airborne contaminants resistance class G3 according to ISA-S71.04
  • SNTP time synchronisation