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Rosemount™ TF396 Non-Glass ISFET pH Sensor
rosemount tf396
The Rosemount TF396 sensor features an ion-selective field effect transistor (ISFET) pH electrode that provides a stable pH measurement.
Its rate of response can be ten times faster than glass electrodes, enabling better process control. Its short response time and increased stability at low temperatures make it suitable for use in cold processes like brine or water for cooling. Aging effects caused by temperature fluctuations or large changes of process pH are greatly reduced, providing longer intervals between calibration and maintenance of the sensor. The sensor's non-glass design can be used in many applications that restrict or prohibit pH glass electrodes due to the risk of broken glass getting into the process.

Rosemount(TM) Analytical Minds on pH Sensors: Know when to clean or replace, reduce downtime

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Rosemount(TM) Analytical Minds on pH Sensors: Keep optimal pH levels and improve process efficiency

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Rosemount(TM) Analytical Minds on pH Sensors: Calibrate pH sensors and maintain measurement accuracy

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Rosemount™ TF396 Non-Glass ISFET pH Sensor


Ambient Temperature
0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F) at 50 psig
Measurement Range
2 to 12 pHPressure Range: -10 to 100 psig (32 to 790 kPa [abs]) at 50°C
0.45 kg/0.9 kg (1 lb/2 lb)


  • REDUCED DRIFT with TUpH reference technology
  • SUITABLE FOR USE IN COLD TEMPERATURES with continued rapid response and accuracy
  • REDUCED CALIBRATION FREQUENCY due to increased sensor stability
  • MINIMUM SENSOR MAINTAINANCE with TUpH reference technology which ensures continued reference performance when the sensor becomes coated
  • VERSATILE MOUNTING OPTIONS with 1" MNPT front and rear facing threads or 2" Tri-Clamp connection


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