Emerson Vanessa™ Valves

The First  Triple Offset Valve with Bidirectional Zero Leakage Performance

Vanessa triple offset designs completely eliminate any rubbing action of the sealing elements during the 90 degrees of rotation, positioning Vanessa as the ultimate process valve.

This triple offset valve, also known in the industry as a triple eccentric or triple offset butterfly valve, represents an important step forward compared to traditional process valves, such as gate, ball, globe, and plug valves.

Zero Leakage means no visible leakage when tested at high pressure with water and low pressure with air according to existing international standards. This shut off performance created a new industry category using a technology not previously available with other quarter-turn valves.

The product portfolio is from 3” to 112”, double flanged, lug, wafer and butt weld bodies. Pressure classes ASME 150 through 1500 are available with temperature capabilities from -425F to 1500F.

Featured Vanessa Valves

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