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IIoT for Engineers | Take the next step

October 1, 2018

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Industry 4.0, and Digital Transformation...

These buzz words are the current trend and plastered on ads more and more every day. But do you as an engineer know what it all means?

Is it all hype or smoke and mirrors?

The answer is “NO”. IIoT is real and it is powerful.

Many engineers want to learn more. They assume implementing an IIoT project requires a ton of new, expensive sensors. Wrong! Often you are already collecting a lot of the data.

But, are you using it to full capacity?

For decades, Emerson has helped customers solve reliability problems. Going from time based to predictive maintenance can avoid cost and decreased downtime. IIoT uses the same reliability engineering best practices to help solve challenging problems.

By adding a machine-learning element, you can take predictive maintenance to prognostic maintenance. This results in pushing the “P” back on a P-F Curve.

An IIOT journey starts with solid reliability engineering fundamentals:

  • Define the problem.
  • Perform a failure analysis (FMEA or RCM.)
  • Talk to subject matter experts.
  • Start at the system level and drill down the component level.


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